A Lesson in Street MMA: If you fight inside a KFC soccer kicks are legal

Colonel Sanders would have wanted it this way. From the home of Sanders’ secret recipe to fry chicken flesh we have a two on two street MMA fight. Props to the worker with a mop trying to protect the sanctity of the KFC dining area before bailing two seconds into the brawl.

Don’t let your dress riding up past your belly button stop you from unleashing punches from the clinch. Some Randy Couture levels of dirty boxing go down right next to where you eat your two piece and a biscuit. Also if you try to call for a timeout on the honey scented KFC tile floors you may get soccer kicked or stomped on.

KFC MMA is finger licking good until your fingers go numb because your opponent’s skull hurts if you punch on it enough. Or maybe it’s the sodium content of the fried chicken that made you lose feeling in your fingers? Thanks Colonel and fight on.

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