Video: Boxer Ryan Garcia punches the hell out of Logan Paul

Logan Paul vs. Ryan Garcia

Nothing respect for our president, Ryan Garcia. Anyone who punches Logan Paul for our entertainment is cool with MiddleEasy.

2018 was such a weird year in combat sports that Logan Paul has a legitimate claim to being one of the breakout stars of the last 12 months. Sure, Paul is a super famous YouTube celebrity but in 2018 he dipped his toes into the world of pay-per-view and he found success.

Paul fighting Twitch gamers in boxing matches sold out arenas and made money on pay-per-view. When almost every other combat sports property is leaving or trying tof find a way to still make money via pay-per-view, Paul and his crew cracked the code.


Now Paul is hated even more than he was before and in 2019, he’ll likely fight again on pay-per-view and it will be a box office success. Wild times and it kind of makes senses. We are living in the future and the future is a celebrity culture.

What happens when YouTube celebrities, Instagram models, people who are Twitter famous run out of their 15 minutes? What if they just punch each other in the head and then stream it? The formula is as old as time and it will still work in 2019.

Dana White says a lot of dumb things but he was right about one thing. Humans can’t help but watch other humans physically harm one another. It’s in our DNA? Probably you goofs.

For now we’re just going to watch 17-0 boxer Ryan Garcia wreck the insides of a defenseless Logan Paul. Even decked out in full gear, Paul crumbles from Garcia’s body shots. Props to The Flash for not taking his foot off the pedal for even a second.

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