Turkish German Boxer Musa Yamak Dies After Suffering Heart Attack During Fight

Another boxer has passed away

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38-year-old boxer Musa Yamak has tragically died after suffering a heart attack and collapsing in the boxing ring.

On Saturday, the unbeaten Yamak faced Hamza Wandera. Yamak tried to come out for the third round but collapsed after going unconscious. He could not be revived.


According to BILD, a spokesperson for the Munich police confirmed the incident

 “Yamak collapsed, medics rushed into the ring and the boxing event was canceled. After the fans left the arena, family members and helpers removed the ring ropes and moved chairs to clear the way for the ambulance. However, German police reported that paramedics were delayed by fans outside the venue. It was unclear whether the delayed rescue measures were responsible for Yamak’s sad death.”

“The paramedics saw turbulent scenes of emotionally charged fans and family members on site. To ensure the safety of the paramedics, we sent out a lot of patrols and the USK. We then set up a protection corridor on site so that the paramedics could work safely and conscientiously.”

The supervisors and trainers of the deceased have been contacted by BILD:

“It wasn’t like that! Viewers administered first aid before the paramedics arrived and tried to save Yamak. This is bullshit. We dismantled the ring and ropes ourselves to make it easier for the medics. To make it easier to lift the stretcher into the ring. This is character assassination. A brother of ours died in the ring. The police were very aggressive. yelled at us. We should fuck off they yelled. We wanted to save a life, it can’t be that we’re the bogeymen of everyone!”

Geçmiş Olsun Musa Askan Yamak

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The boxer was later pronounced dead in the hospital after being diagnosed with suffering a heart attack. 

Yamak turned pro in 2017 and went undefeated, winning all eight of his fights. In his last outing before his death in 2021, he won the WBFed International title by finishing Siarhei Huliakevich.

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