Deontay Wilder Says He ‘Would End A Life’ In A UFC Fight

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder Says He Is Interested In Potential MMA Fight

Deontay Wilder is quite possibly the scariest boxers in the heavyweight division. He says that in MMA, he would be even more terrifying.

Wilder is the WBC Heavyweight champion of the world, with no losses in 43 fights. His only blemish is a draw against the insanely tough (and slightly strange) Tyson Fury. The two had a draw in their exciting match, back in 2018.

Wilder is focused on preparing for his upcoming rematch with the aforementioned Fury, next month. However, he is also interested in pursuing avenues outside of boxing. Speaking with ThaBoxingVoice, he was asked how he would feel about a potential MMA contest, in the UFC.

“I’ve spoken out about that before, of course, for me, I’ll fight you in my sport and I’ll come to your sport and do it too,” Deontay Wilder said.“(In MMA) they allow you to get on top of your opponent and bash his face in with velocity and speed coming downwards. Four-ounce gloves, I already talk about getting people out of the ring. But, that will definitely be the sport where I show them, man.”

As for how he would do in MMA, Wilder is confident to say the least.

“I’m just too dangerous of a man in any type of combat sports,” Wilder explained. “I really would end a life because I have the power to, and that’s just the d–n truth”

Deontay Wilder is not the first boxer to consider trying MMA, nor will he be the last. It would be exciting to see his mind-blowing power in the Octagon. Although, the likelihood of it happen is yet to be seen.

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