Canelo Álvarez Drops Jermell Charlo in Dominant Decision Victory – Canelo vs. Charlo Results (Highlights)

Álvarez scored a decisive unanimous decision victory over Jermell Charlo to retain the undisputed super middleweight world title

Canelo Alvarez
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On Saturday night, Mexican superstar and pound-for-pound great Canelo Álvarez stepped back inside the squared circle determined to defend his undisputed super middleweight world titles against the undisputed junior middleweight world champion Jermell Charlo.

Emanating from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, it would be the first meeting between two undisputed champions in men’s boxing history. 

Round 1

Charlo comes out and immediately takes the center of the boxing ring. Neither fighter offers much offense in the opening minute with Charlo looking to get his jab going early. 80 seconds into the bout, Canelo throws his first punch, a left hook that misses the mark. He offers up another left hook that Charlo blocks with his high guard. Canelo begins to put some pressure on Charlo, forcing him up against the ropes before unloading a 1-2. Another combination from Canelo against the ropes forces Charlo to clinch up as the first round ends.

Round 2

Charlo pumps a double jab, but Canelo loads up with the left. Charlo partially blocks the blow as Canelo continues to implement his stalking pressure. A left hook to the body from Charlo lands. Canelo fires back with a body blow of his own. Charlo ducks under a right hook from Canelo. Charlo circles out and back to the center of the ring. Charlo is showing too much respect to Canelo, allowing the defending champ to tee off on his body at will. Canelo lands another big right hook to the body. Canelo continues to pressure Charlo as the second round bell sounds.

Round 3

Charlo lands a solid jab to open the round as Canelo once again plods forward. A combination from Charlo is blocked and Canelo lands another right to the body. Charlo fires back with a 1-2. Canelo unleashed a couple of power shots that had Charlo ducking under and immediately clinching to avoid the danger. After the break, Canelo quickly pressures Charlo up against the ropes again. A jab from Charlo lands, but Canel responds with a lead left hook. Canelo rips to the body as the third round comes to a close.

Round 4

Canelo comes out once again stalking Charlo. The challenger throws a handful of jabs. Canelo responds with a right to the body and Charlo comes back with a counter left that partially lands. Charlo begins to pick up the pace, but the pressure of Canelo is keeping him from getting off any significant offense. Canelo lands a check right hook against the ropes. Charlo circles away but is quickly backed up as Canelo continues to light up Charlo’s body with a solid left hook. A stiff jab from Canelo lands. Charlo attempts to fire back but fails to muster up any offense before the end of the fourth.

Round 5

Canelo lands a right hand in the early going. Charlo fires back with a right of his own, but Canelo lands again with a nasty left hook. Canelo lands another big power left on the body of Charlo, forcing the challenger to once again get on his bicycle. A 1-2 from is blocked by Canelo. A left uppercut from Charlo misses the mark. A jab from Canelo gets through. Canelo pushes Charlo to the ropes and lands a right to the body followed by a left. Charlo throws a combination that ends with a straight left popping Canelo’s head back. Canelo moves in looking to respond as the round ends. 

Round 6

Going into the sixth round, Canelo was listed as a -2500 favorite on the live betting odds. Canelo kept up the pressure and the pace as he continued to target the body of Charlo. A straight left from Charlo lands clean. Canelo responds with a stiff jab. A right hook is blocked by Charlo. A sharp jab from Canelo pops Charlo’s head back as the challenger once again finds himself against the ropes. Charlo attempts to stave off Canelo with the jab. Canelo unleashed a couple of heavy right hands to the body of Charlo and finished the round in complete control of the fight. 

Round 7

Charlo looks to use the jab to keep Canelo at bay, but the defending champ lands a solid jab of his own. Charlo unleashes a combination in the center of the ring, but it’s not long before Canelo backs Charlo against the ropes and uncorks a massive right hand that forces Charlo to take a knee early in the seventh round. Charlo answered the count and Canelo came out looking to land another nasty left hand.

Charlo lands a left of his own, but Canelo walks through it and continues to fire, looking for the finishing blow.  A right hand from Canelo lands. Uppercut on the inside from Canelo lands and Charlo is again backed up against the ropes. Charlo looks to have fully recovered from the knockdown and is content to dance around as the round ends. 

Round 8

Canelo comes out with an uppercut followed by a power right. Charlo responds by doubling up on the jab but offers nothing behind it. The smothering pressure of Canelo moves Charlo into the corner and Canelo unleashes a combination of strikes, targeting Charlo’s body once again. A nasty left hook to the body from Canelo lands. Left hook from Charlo lands clean, but Canelo remains undeterred in his endless pursuit. A straight left from Charlo lands and Canelo responds with a counter right. Both fighters clinch up against the ropes as the eighth round closes.

Round 9

Charlo comes out firing a couple of jabs and Canelo responds with a left hook that fails to get through the guard. Charlo begins to let his hands go, landing a solid combination as Canelo continues to move in and cut off the ring with his lateral movement. A left hook to the body of Charlo lands. A right uppercut against the ropes lands for Canelo. A hard jab from Canelo followed by an overhand right.

Charlo responds with a double jab followed by a 1-2. A lead left hook from Charlo lands behind the guard of Canelo. The defending champ comes back with a four-punch combination that forces Charlo to flee the area moments before the ninth round ends. 

Round 10

Canelo Álvarez immediately pops off the jab and Charlo fires back one of his own. A left to the body of Charlo lands. Charlo responds with a right. Canelo pressures Charlo into the corner and unloads a combination of power punches that forces Charlo to clinch up. Canelo comes back with a three-punch combo upon being separated. A sneaky left hook from Canelo lands. 1-2 from Canelo lands followed by a body shot.

The repeated body blows appear to be taking a toll on Charlo as the challenger is not offering much in the way of offense. Charlo finally fires back and partially lands a solid left hand, but it’s simply not enough as the 10th round comes to a close. 

Round 11

Canelo Álvarez comes out continuing to stalk his prey and doubles up on the jab before unleashing an overhand right. Charlo attempts to fire back with an uppercut in close. Canelo comes back with a 1-2 against the ropes. A looping right hand from Charlo misses the mark. Canelo fires back with a left that Charlo barely gets out of the way of. Both men stand in the pocket daring the other to make a move. Canelo offers up a body combination. Charlo comes back with a left hook. Canelo lands a chopping right hand in response as the round ends.

Round 12

Canelo Álvarez once again puts on the pressure, but Charlo lands a nice jab. A short right from Canelo lands. Charlo attempts to respond with a looping left but misses the mark. Charlo works his way in close and delivers a blow to the body. A jab from Canelo connects. Canelo offers up a combination to the body but eats a left from Charlo in the process. With less than a minute to go, Charlo is letting his hands go, but the constant pressure from Canelo continues to stifle his offense. With 10 seconds to go, both fighters are content to clinch up and let time run out.

Official Result: Canelo Álvarez def. Jermell Charlo via unanimous decision (119-108, 118-109, 118-109) to retain the undisputed super middleweight world championship

Check out Highlights From Canelo Álvarez vs. Jermell Charlo Below:



Published on October 1, 2023 at 12:57 am
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