Mr. Olympia 2020 Results For Day 1

Complete results for the first day of the 2020 Mr. Olympia, including the Ms. Olympia, 212 Division, and more

2020 Olympia Friday Finals Results
2020 Olympia Friday Finals Results

The 2020 Mr. Olympia went down this weekend, as the top bodybuilders in the world came out to prove their legitimacy as the best in the world. This is the full results from the entire competition.

Typically the Mr. Olympia goes down in September, in Las Vegas, Nevada. However this year the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world experienced some shake-ups due to the current situation in the world. Initially it was only delayed to December, but a few weeks out from the contest, it was revealed that show organizers made the decision to move the show to Orlando, Florida, due to Vegas’s restrictions on public gatherings.

With that in mind, the best bodybuilders in the world took the stage throughout the weekend, to compete in the 2020 Mr. Olympia. This is the full results of the first day of the contest.

Men’s 212 Olympia 

The 212 Division of the 2020 Mr. Olympia was filed with a lot of intriguing matchups. Kamal Elgargni won the contest in 2019, but that was after longtime champ Flex Lewis decided to lead the division in favor for the Open. So he came into this contest with something of a chip on his shoulder, looking to prove himself the deserving champion.

Hot on his heels is the perennial runner-up Derek Lunsford, who is looking to break the curse of perpetually coming in second place, as well as George Peterson who has reach another level in his prep for tis Olympia. Not to mention the slew of other contenders for the throne. By the end of the weekend, it would be Shaun Clarida who came out victorious, dethroning the now former champ. Kamal Elgargni and George Peterson came in second and third, respectively.

Final Four 212 Olympia

Men’s 212 Olympia results:

  1. Shaun Clarida – $50,000
  2. Kamal Elgargni – $20,000
  3. George Peterson – $10,000
  4. Derek Lunsford – $6,000
  5. Ahmad Ashkanani – $4,000
  6. Oleh Kryvyi
  7. Angel Calderon Frias
  8. Derik Oslan
  9. Dectric Lewis
  10. Guy Cisternino Jr


Mens 212 Official Scorecard
Mens 212 Official Scorecard

Ms. Olympia

Another aspect of this year’s attention that was drawing a ton of excitement was the return of the Ms. Olympia competition. This female bodybuilding showcase had been missing since 2014, but was finally returning to the biggest stage in the sport. It was expected that former ten-time champ Iris Kyle would be coming out of retirement to compete at this big show, but she would ultimately fall ill on the day of the prejudging, failing to make it to the stage.

However the women who did compete were incredible, as the likes of Helle Trevino and Andrea Shaw went head to head on the stage. At the end of the day, Shaw came out on top, winning the 2020 Ms. Olympia, on her birthday no less. Margie Martin did not make it easy though, coming in a close and surprising second place, while Helle Trevino finished the contest in third.

Ms. Olympia Winners


Ms. Olympia results:

  1. Andrea Shaw – $50,000
  2. Margie Martin- $20,000
  3. Helle Trevino – $12,000
  4. MayLa Ash – $7,000
  5. Irene Anderson – $6,000
  6. Monique Jones
  7. Asha Hadley
  8. Nicki Chartrand
  9. Reshanna Boswell
  10. Margita Zamolova


Ms. Olympia 2020 Official Scorecard
Ms. Olympia 2020 Official Scorecard

Figure Olympia

The Figure Division has had some pretty incredible showings over the years, and the 2020 Mr. Olympia proved no different. Heading into the contest, all eyes were on Cydney Gillon to see if she could continue the dominant reign that she has been on. Riding three consecutive wins on the big stage, there appeared to be nobody who could stop her.

This would prove true in the end too, as Cydney Gillon won the title of Ms. Figure Olympia for the fourth time. That being said, things were close, as Natalia Soltero put up a great fight to land in second place. Also looking strong was Nadia Wyatt, who rounded out the top three.

Olympia 2020 Figure Results Top 5

Figure Olympia results:

  1. Cydney Gillon – $50,000
  2. Natalia Soltero  – $20,000
  3. Nadia Wyatt – $12,000
  4. Nicole Zenobia Graham- $7,000
  5. Latorya Watts – $6,000
  6. 6. Jessica Reyes Padilla
  7. An Da Jeong
  8. Carly Starling-Horrell
  9. Rhea Gayle
  10. Anna Banks



Figure Olympia Official Scorecard
Figure Olympia Official Scorecard

Women’s Physique Olympia

Another popular division in the Olympia, the Women’s Physique division is always an entertaining one. Coming into this year’s event, Shanique Grant was expected to run over the competition. Having won the previous two years, and she was expected to have similar success this weekend.

For the most part this proved true, but in a surprising turn of events, Sarah Villegas would break through in a big way, winning the 2020 Women’s Physique Olympia. This put Shanique Grant in a decent second place, still looking quite good. In third was Natalia Abraham Coelho, with a well rounded package, and strong performance.

Women Physique Top 5

Women’s Physique Olympia results:

  1. Sarah Villegas – $40,000
  2. Shanique Grant – $18,000
  3. Natalia Abraham Coelho – $12,000
  4. Barbra Menage – $6,000
  5. Ivie Rhein – $4,000
  6. Daniely Castilho
  7. Rachel Daniels
  8. Anne-Lorraine Mohn
  9. Valentina Mishina
  10. Brittany Watts



Women's Physique Official Scorecard
Women’s Physique Official Scorecard

Fitness Olympia

The Fitness Division is always one of the most fun to watch at the Olympia. A big part of the judging for this division comes down to the aerobics routine that the ladies perform, more than just the posing alone. The big storyline here was if returning champ Oksana Grishina could get her title back against defending champ Whitney Jones.

However to the shock of many, and after a bit of confusion, it was Missy Trescoutt who put it all together to win the Ms. Fitness Olympia title. Grishina was originally announced as the winner, but it was later revealed that a scoring mishap had her actually in second place. Coming in third place this year, was thenow former champ Whitney Jones.

Fitness Olympia Top 5

Fitness Olympia results:

  1. Missy Trescoutt – $50,000
  2. Oksana Grishina – $20,000
  3. Whitney Jones – $12,000
  4. Airel Khadr – $7,000
  5. Jaclyn Baker – $6,000
  6. Tiffany Chandler
  7. Aurika Tyrgale
  8. Minna Pajulanhti
  9. Darrian Borello
  10. Derina Wilson


Women's Fitness Official Scorecard
Women’s Fitness Official Scorecard

Stay tuned to MiddleEasy for the results of Day Two of the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

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