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Steve Theunissen

Pushing my physical and mental limits in the gym allows me to challenge my limits. It’s the way I start my day and it sets me up to take on anything else that life throws at me with the same fierce determination that goes into every rep of every set.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years. During that time span, I’ve owned and managed gyms, been a personal trainer, run bootcamps, and built a career as a fitness writer. I’ve written dozens of ebooks, hundreds of articles for online and print publications and quite a few scripts for YouTube channels on supplements and bodybuilding. I’ve also extensively studied and written about nootropics and other methods to optimize mental and physical ability.

I’m now in my mid-fifties, but train like I’m still in my twenties. I’m currently living in New Zealand with my wife of 34 years and 18-year-old daughter