This Street MMA walk-off KO is so incredible we don’t even know if it’s real.

Every 7th full moon, something so incredible and amazing happens in a Street MMA match, we don’t even know if it’s real. I mean, yes, this is video footage of something actually happening, we aren’t looking at it in a cosmic sense, but if this walk-off KO is a real walk-off KO, and not some strange, cunning ruse in an attempt to trick us, then this could be the undisputed best walk-off KO in the history of Street MMA. Maybe even mankind.

We don’t know the background to this clip, all we see is a dude getting blasted with a swift right, and then the referee showing a major conflict of interest with his celebration of the ‘timber’ moment. There’s even a replay featuring some soothing Enya, which in our minds, confirms that this is indeed real, and mind-blowing. #TYBG 

Please watch.

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