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A Lesson in Street MMA: There is no counter to a fight opening headbutt

A Lesson in Street MMA: There is no counter to a fight opening headbutt

Right in the nose. This Lesson in Street MMA has us stumped. If a crazy headbutts the hell out your face how do you follow that?

In Street MMA a headbutt is a show closer. It’s the main event. Thanks for coming and please drive home safely.

From a NFL stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania we have a pair of drunk dudes debating the merits of the spread offense. Stop us if you heard this one before but people who attend NFL games are giant assholes. Three hours of pre-game tailgate drinking plus two hours of in stadium drinking brings out the worst in people.

NFL fever catch it or some drunk dude will hit you with a sucker punch because his team punted on fourth and inches.

The stereotype is that MMA fans are drunken fighting idiots but the facts show NFL are much worst. Maybe its the history of the sport, the larger stadiums or the game itself, but NFL games features more fan on fan violence than any other sport.

Even European soccer fans are looking down at this video and shaking their heads.

So one Pittsburgh Steelers fan headbutts the fuck out of another Pittsburgh Steelers fan and the fight is a wrap…..but it isn’t. Drunk dude gets blasted in the face with a full on unchecked headbutt and he comes back for more. Sure he just keeps getting his ass kicked but he’s shows some Tyson Fury levels of heart here.

When asked why he kept on fighting when he clearly had no chance versus the psycho who headbutted him, our loser just says “because he headbutted me”. The facts check out, go Chargers.

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