Replay: Karma. Insane fighter headbutts his opponent twice, loses by self inflicted eye cut

Well this guy is an asshole. From the MMA file folder titled “Instant Karma” we have fighter Ant Davies losing a fight by not one but two intentional headbutts. Never mind that Davis holds a 2-9 MMA record and forget about the part where he opens a cut above his own after throwing the fist headbutt, English welterweight is pretty much the worst.

Check the video clip below of the end of Davis’s fight with Tomaz Wojtyna from something called Full Contact Contender 18. While getting ground n’ pounded a frustrated Davis goes for a headbutt that connects with Wojtyna. To make matters worse and because he’s an idiot, Davis goes for a second headbutt while the referee is calling a stop to the action.

Ant Davis, you sir are no Mark Kerr.

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