Street MMA: If you fight at the gym, check your inventory for lots of weapons

Street Mma Gym MMA Weapons

Stay wild over in the UK. Sometimes Street MMA cannot wait until you hit the streets.

Hello gym MMA, goodbye the sanctity of your workout. The new most annoying guy at the gym is the dude who tries to fight you. Or just fight in your general exercise area.

The Lesson in this Street MMA? Keep your head on a swivel, now even at the gym.

No watching TV. No listening to a TED Talk on your headphones.

Need another excuse not to talk to anyone at the gym? Here you go. Don’t talk to people at the gym, not because it’s annoying, because you may get knocked in the head with a free weight while you’re distracted.

From somewhere across the pond, here may be the wildest Gym fight in the history of Gym MMA. It’s a brief history, but the lesson involves picking up gym equipment and chucking it at people.

There’s fighting people at your local gym, then a few levels above that there is fighting people at your gym and finding weapons to do so.

Oh and there is more.

Bless this gym and may the Fight Gods curse it into a black hole.

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