A true lesson for those involved in Street MMA: Leave it to the pros

Ah, Street MMA, by far the most polarizing two words that can be typed on MiddleEasy, well that and ‘Kobe GOAT’. Any combination of those words will no doubt get a heated conversation going in the comment section, people will threaten to leave, tears are shed, virtual chests are bumped and names are called. Well let me blow your collective minds for a second: Street Kobe GOAT MMA. Think about that for a second. Some sort of delicious beef that is procured by goats fighting in the street?

As much as we enjoy watching the free fights supplied to us from cameraphones around the world, we understand some people don’t enjoy watching the street battles because they don’t involve professionals. I respect your thoughts and opinions, and I know you are not alone. A coach from SSF in Clarksville, probably the same one who denounced Backyard MMA in this news report, invited an untrained ‘backyard’ fighter to go toe to toe with one of his trained pupils…Because that makes it OK? It’s entertaining to a degree nonetheless.


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