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A Lesson in Throwback Thursday Street MMA: A new definition of walk off KO

We here at MiddleEasy are unapologetic fans of Mark Hunt. It’s not hard to explain why, his game plan every single fight is to score a walk off KO, that’s about it and we love him for it. What you are about to see is a new definition to the walk off KO.

It’s a shame that this never happened in Pride. Imagine Wand, rushing forward, knocking someone down, then stomping once on their unconscious face and walking away. It would live as the greatest walk off KO in the history of walk off KOs.

Also I have a theory, it rivals wearing sunglasses inside and walking out to Eminem: In street MMA, if you wear basketball shorts, you’re bound to lose. Over the next couple of months we’ll be conducting a study about this and we will report back to you with results. Thank you.

PS. This fight is pretty old, but the views are low and it’s Throwback Thursday. You can justify almost anything on Throwback Thursday, especially a knockout like this.

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