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A Lesson in Street MMA: Floyd Mayweather street fights play out like Terry Funk’s ECW highlights

I have no idea who T.I. is, or why Floyd Mayweather is so upset with him, but all I do know is that the new incorrect aspect ratio that plagued Street MMA for years is now replaced by promoter and cameramen’s insistence of shooting the fights on Instagram video or Vine. Now I have to embed 3-4 jumbled videos instead of just one, smooth showcase. 

Thanks a lot, social media. 

Watch things escalate to a point where chairs are being thrown like Terry Funk and Cactus Jack were each leading one of the entourages below, and… Wait.

Man, that would be an interesting concept for something old pro wrestlers could do when they have to retire with blown-out knees. Like Ken Shamrock for example. Get a bunch of old stars to lead various, competing security forces and then get in impromptu brawls around various nightclubs and hotspots. 

This can be a thing. It should happen. But only as long as it features this gang as a total wildcard.

It begins.


Everyone disperses. Floyd looks tiny next to his extremely large friends/bodyguards/neighbors.

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