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A Lesson in Street MMA: Don’t mess with the Irish gypsy Anderson Silva

The Matrix, the Silva, the violent limbo. Whatever you want to call it, this man has tapped into it. Arms down, he feints backwards, one half breath away from a flurry of straight power punches.

“Leit tha tee shawt goo,” someone barks, confirming they are in Ireland.

Indeed, the young fighter has been using his opponent’s t-shirt as a means to keep him in range. It’s a flaw in the Anderson Matrix to be sure. What Would Anderson Do? Certainly not that.

“Take those t-shirts off,” someone who has been drinking in moderation suggests.

And so, the men agree to bare their torsos. He is instantly authentic again, feinting backwards then throwing a clean right counter. Down goes the guy who never had a chance, like the Irish ghost of Forrest Griffin.

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