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A Lesson in Cul de Sac MMA: Beware The Little Guy in Vale Tudo Shorts

Last night I was at the bar for a brief portion of my evening, I sat there and pondered if I wanted to get half off sliders until my deep concentration was interrupted by this sloth of a man. Now I’m a man who doesn’t partake in alcohol but I still frequent bars because my friends hang out there. Now this sloth of a man was stone cold sober and I never thought I could find someone sober to be THAT annoying at a bar. Normally there are a few drunk people at the bar, most of which don’t turn into violent drunks or just annoying drunks in general. Either way I’ve been around enough drunks to know how to handle myself and get out of that situation. Unfortunately, in this situation I couldn’t because this person was with my friend.

So for the entire night I pretty much sat there and fantasized about having my own example of Street MMA, it would’ve looked something like this. Except instead of being in a white collar cul-de-sac, it would’ve been in some strange parking lot in Connecticut. 

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