The 8 Best Punching Bags for Apartments in 2023

Your Ultimate Buying Guide on Punching Bags for Apartments & Small Spaces

Best Punching Bags
Best Punching Bags
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Apartment spaces are often cramped and packed with all your essentials, so fitting a punching bag seems like a ludicrous idea. Additionally, punching bags typically generate a lot of noise during intense training sessions, which might lead to neighbor complaints.

Given these problems, you need to find a punching bag that is small enough to fit inside the already small apartment size, but can still offer most of the benefits of a larger punching bag. You also want it to be better at muffling striking sounds to avoid unwanted attention. Fortunately, there are many options in the market already. The question is: which among them are the best?

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the top eight apartment punching bags. We believe that the size of your home doesn’t have to hinder your fitness and training, and we’re ready to help you find the perfect punching bag. This article will discuss the best punching bags in the market and the criteria for making these bags suitable. We’ll give you choices among the best hanging bags, freestanding bags, and doorway bags, to give you three setup options. After this guide, you’ll know what to look out for, and perhaps even have a purchase decision already.

Let’s start!

Editor’s Choice Product: Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Set

Want to know which punching bag was our top pick? Check it out below…

Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Set

Why is it the best?

  • You get a heavy bag and speed bag in one package
  • Offers a lot of training flexibility
  • It uses highly durable Everlast Nevatear material
  • A bag stand is included
  • Price is awesome bang-for-your-buck
  • Comes with gloves and hand wraps

Product Listings

To start our list, let’s first take a look at our top three hanging bag options:

1. Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Set 

Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Set
Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Set

The Everlast Dual Station is our top pick for offering a complete package. It gives you a premium heavy bag and speed bag, which should more than suffice for your training needs. It even throws in gloves and hand wraps into the mix. This set proves you can get the full package without having to pay an excessive amount of money. For the quality, experience, and accessories you’re getting, this set is worth its price. 

The heavy bag comes in two weight choices: 70 lb and 100 lb. For those with more forceful strikes and bigger builds, getting the 100 lb option is the better choice. The bag uses Everlast’s Nevatear cover that’s made up of layered webbed vinyl and synthetic fibers, guaranteeing top durability that can take the most potent punches without tearing.

There’s a stand included, which makes setting up the heavy bag very convenient. The stand has the speed bag with a platform and swivel attached with bottom pegs that can be filled with weights to help the stand maintain its place. This setup is useful if you want to shift training styles between the heavy bag and speed bag.

Thinking about having all these components makes the product seem impossible to fit in a tiny apartment, but you’d be surprised. The entire station is relatively small as punching bag setups go. A complete station that takes up little space sounds too good to be true. But with the Everlast Dual Station Set, it’s undoubtedly true. No wonder it takes up our editor’s choice pick!


  • The set comes with both a heavy bag and speed bag
  • Choose between 70 lb or 100 lb for the heavy bag weight
  • Complete materials needed for setup
  • There are included gloves and hand wraps
  • Dimensions are 66.5″ x 47.6″ x 86.2″


  • High-quality two-in-one package at a reasonable price
  • Gives a fuller workout experience despite the small setup
  • Bundled accessories are useful
  • Perfect for cardio and boxing exercises


  • If your budget is very tight, the price may be out of reach

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2. Everlast Omni Strike Bag

Everlast Omni Strike Bag
Everlast Omni Strike Bag

At first, the Omni Strike has some additional parts that make it look unusual compared to other conventional punching bags, but there’s a good reason for this. This bag is specifically designed not just for boxing but also for Muay Thai and other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

For starters, the broader base is made for low kicking and knee striking. The padding helps cushion the leg impact to make hitting the bag satisfying and safer. There are also handles at the upper part, which is for grabbing onto like in MMA clinching moves. All these add-ons make the Omni Strike a versatile workout bag. If boxing isn’t your only thing, or if you’re looking to add more legwork in your workout routine, then this bag is perfect.

There’s a handy feature of the bag to help prevent it from moving too much, particularly if you don’t have much space in the apartment to let it swing around wildly. At the bag’s bottom, you’ll find an anchor that you can link to a base (it’s sold separately, though). What this does is keep the bag in place by weighing down the bottom part. You’re not required to use it, but we’re thankful that it’s there to add more functionality to the bag.

The Omni Strike will take whatever abuse you throw at it, thanks to Everlast’s Nevatear cover. The thick foam in the bag’s shell effectively absorbs impact to make each strike satisfying. Like the Everlast Dual Station, the Omni Strike is built to last. 


  • ​Made for MMA practice
  • Broader base for knee and leg strikes
  • Hand grips to simulate clinch positions
  • Everlast Nevatear covering is thick and sturdy
  • Bottom anchor to help keep the bag in place


  • Allows both boxing and MMA workouts
  • You can practice all kinds of strikes
  • Friendly features for small workout spaces
  • Price is appealing to budget-conscious buyers
  • Long-lasting and tear-resistant material


  • ​Extra features will go unused if you only do boxing exercise
  • There are other better boxing-focused bags 

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3. Ringside 65lb Punching Bag

Ringside 65lb Punching Bag
Ringside 65lb Punching Bag

This Ringside punching bag is smaller than the other hanging bags on this list, mostly thanks to its 65 lb weight. Despite its size, it nevertheless offers a lot of functionality at a reasonable price.

When it comes to size footprint, this is a bag that will help keep your workout area feeling roomier. The package includes a swivel and chain for hanging, but note that it doesn’t come with a frame. You’ll need an existing location to hang your punching bag under or make one before setting up this bag.

The bag is made with synthetic leather (or “powerhide leather” as manufacturers call it) that provides excellent durability and comfort. It’s not as good as genuine leather, but it does the job well. The foam padding is perfect for beginners who are still working on the proper striking form; it’s two-inches thick, which effectively absorbs strike impacts, and reduces hand strain and injury risk.

People with heavier strikes may want to steer clear from this bag because of its smaller than average size. It’s great for saving space, but not so much for extremely powerful punches, since the feedback won’t be as satisfying for stronger people and the bag might end up swinging too much.


  • Smaller size footprint at 65 lb
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • 2-inch foam padding for impact-absorption
  • Swivel and chain included for setup


  • The best compact choice for small apartments
  • Long-lasting construction
  • More affordable than most bags


  • Not ideal for heavy strikers
  • Package does not include a frame

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Up next, we have three freestanding bags for apartments:

4. Ringside Elite

Ringside Elite
Ringside Elite

As its name suggests, this is one of Ringside’s premium freestanding bags that can accommodate advanced and beginner-level workouts. The Elite has a taller and broader surface area than usual to allow more punching and kicking room. 

The bag is covered with a vinyl material that’s layered with thick foam padding. Its shock-absorbing cover ensures that this bag will last long without any tears. The material is also comfortable, so your strikes are satisfying with a lower risk of injuries.

There’s a spring-loaded mechanism inside the bag that prevents it from falling and gives it a satisfying amount of bounce. The result is that it enhances your punches and kicks’ timing since you need to strike it correctly as it bounces back and forth. However, the spring will need some regular maintenance as it gets loud and squeaky after a couple of months of heavy use. The solution is fortunately easy: just put on some WD-40 or similar lubricants, and the bag will sound as good as new.

The Elite does come with a higher price tag, so budget-conscious buyers might likely ignore this bag for the price alone. However, you do get your money’s worth. The bag feels premium with top durability to provide one of the best heavy bag experiences. If you decide to splurge on this bag, you won’t regret it.


  • The base can be filled with 140 lb of water
  • Uses a spring-loaded mechanism inside
  • Durable and comfortable vinyl cover
  • Shock-absorbent padding 
  • Large surface area


  • The setup process is very convenient
  • Spring-loaded bag provides a better experience
  • Kicks and punches are more natural with a larger bag
  • Premium covering material feels good to strike


  • Spring gets noisier over time
  • Price may put off budget-conscious buyers

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5. Century Aerobic Wavemaster

Century Aerobic Wavemaster
Century Aerobic Wavemaster

Century’s Wavemaster is a popular series of punching bags that come in different models. It’s good enough that two of its models have snagged a spot on our list.

First up, we have the Century Aerobic Wavemaster, which weighs at 170 lb when the base is filled. Due to its lightness, this bag is easy to move around your apartment and is better suited to cardio training. It can take light to moderately powerful strikes with ease without much swinging around. If you want to store it when not in use or make some room in your apartment, the weight makes it more convenient to move around.

The downside of its weight is that it’s not built for heavy, powerful strikes. If you don’t add extra weight to the base, the bag can be toppled over if you hit hard enough. As such, the Aerobic Wavemaster stays true to its name as it isn’t ideal for intense training sessions but aerobic exercises only.

You can easily adjust the height of the bag to accommodate how tall you are. Keep in mind, though, that the higher you set the bag, the easier it will be to knock over, especially since it’s already lightweight.

To sweeten the package, it comes at a budget-friendly price. So if you’re looking for a light punching bag to do your cardio training with, then the Aerobic Wavemaster is an excellent choice.


  • The base can weigh up to 170 lb
  • Vinyl covering
  • Adjustable height at 53” – 63”
  • Built for cardio training
  • Comes in black or red


  • Convenient setup, portability, and storage
  • Able to adjust to user’s preferred height
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can be knocked down easily with powerful strikes
  • Works only for cardio exercises

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6. Century Powerline Wavemaster 

Century Powerline Wavemaster
Century Powerline Wavemaster

If you want to step up from the Aerobic Wavemaster to a bag that can take heavier strikes, then that’s what the Powerline Wavemaster offers.

With a 17-inch diameter size, this bag is compact enough to fit in apartments without taking up too much space. Unlike the Aerobic bag, the Powerline can take more intense strikes without fear of toppling over since the base can be filled with sand or water to weigh up to 270 lb.

This bag stays true to its name as it’s made to withstand more abuse; you can now pack more power in your punches.

The bag is taller than the Aerobic Wavemaster with an adjustable height of 47” – 68”. Of course, the taller you make it, the easier it will be to knock down. It won’t be as delicate as the Aerobic bag, but the risk is still there. The ideal height would be somewhere in the middle or lower for maximum stability.

If the Aerobic sounds too flimsy for your needs and need a bag that can take heavier exercises, consider the Powerline Wavemaster. You’re getting a substantial freestanding punching bag at the right size for an apartment.


  • The base can weigh up to 270 lb
  • Adjustable height at 47” – 68”
  • 17-inch diameter
  • Made to withstand powerful strikes
  • Comes in black, red, or blue


  • The bag can accommodate intense workouts thanks to its heavier weight 
  • Adjustable height can be tailored to user preference
  • Despite the weight, the bag is still compact enough for apartment use


  • Price may be too high for budget-conscious buyers

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For doorway bags that don’t fall within the traditional hanging or freestanding categories, here are our top choices:

7. Quiet Punch Doorway Punching Bag

Quiet Punch Doorway Punching Bag
Quiet Punch Doorway Punching Bag

As its name suggests, the Quiet Punch Doorway setup is unusual since it’s attached to a door frame. It’s a simple bag, but an effective one at that.

The installation and storage take only a matter of minutes thanks to its no brainer setting up process. All you have to do is follow its simple instructions for attaching to a door frame, and voila! It will barely take up any apartment space due to its unique setup. Taking the bag down and storing it is also easy, so you can keep it when not in use or bring it elsewhere.

When you start using it, the first thing you’ll notice is how silent it is. Thanks to a design that uses nylon to make the bag stay in place, rather than the usual chain mechanism, the bag barely produces any sound. Thankfully, the durability won’t be compromised due to the strength of the nylon construction. This quiet feature is a massive benefit for those who don’t want their neighbors to complain about loud noises during your training.

If you watch workout or entertainment videos while you train, then the bag’s frame has a nifty phone holder. It’s an odd addition to a punching bag frame, but we know that some people will find it pretty useful.

If you’re looking for a small and silent punching bag, the Quiet Punch will be the right choice.


  • Can fit between 28” – 36” door frames
  • Quick and user-friendly setup process
  • Height is adjustable
  • Nylon material keeps it quiet
  • The frame has a phone holder
  • Used for speed, reflex, and cardio training


  • Can be easily installed or stored
  • Stays silent during your workout sessions
  • Watching videos while working has never been easier


  • Limited functionality due to the size and setup

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8. EZ Doorway Speed Bag

EZ Doorway Speed Bag
EZ Doorway Speed Bag

Like the previous speed bag, the EZ Doorway only needs a door frame for installation. Thanks to its setup, the footprint it creates is very minimal. All the space it takes up is limited to your door frame alone. The installation is speedy and convenient; it will only take you around five minutes to get it set up and good to go, and you can uninstall it just as fast too.

The bag can also be transformed into a double-ended bag thanks to its bottom hook, which allows for flexible exercise routines. If you want to use it for speed training, cardio exercise, or hand coordination, then the bag can comfortably accommodate your needs.

The speed bag uses plastic construction to keep the weight down. Plastic isn’t as durable as standard speed bag constructions go, but it does the job. Fortunately, it helps keep the bag at an affordable price, so budget-conscious buyers will likely want to consider this.

For a speed bag that takes up very little apartment space, is convenient to set up, and has a budget-friendly price tag, the EZ Doorway Speed Bag is the best offer.


  • The drum is 18 inches wide
  • Requires only a door frame to set up
  • Pump and swivel included for installation
  • Quick and user-friendly setup process
  • Used for speed, reflex, and cardio training


  • Very budget-friendly price
  • Easy installation and storage 
  • Minimal size footprint


  • Plastic construction won’t feel premium

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How We Ranked

The most important criteria we used to rank these bags are functionality and value for money. The Everlast Dual Station quickly came out as our top choice for offering a lot of functionality in its two-in-one package at an excellent price point. We presented the doorway bags last since they provide limited training uses despite their unique design and convenience.

We also separated the types of bags from hanging, freestanding, and doorway bags, but this doesn’t necessarily make hanging bags better than freestanding ones. Instead, the bag type offers different pros and cons and will suit buyers depending on their unique apartment needs.

All of our bags represent the best options we’ve found on the market, and it’s up to you to find the right fit for your budget and the features you need.

Who Should Purchase These Punching Bags?

We wrote this guide with beginners to advanced boxing or MMA practitioners who live in an apartment. The struggle they face is finding a punching bag that will comfortably fit within a small apartment space. If this is your dilemma, then the punching bags we’ve listed down will be the perfect options. After all, people with more spacious living rooms can simply get bigger punching bags without worrying that much about the size footprint.

However, if you’re also in need of a generally smaller punching bag, this list could be right for you, even if you don’t have to contend with small apartment space.

Whatever your skill level is, these bags are nonetheless excellent choices. If you’re just a beginner, it would be wise to start with a more budget-friendly bag. For more skilled athletes or enthusiasts who know what features they’re looking for, make sure to get a bag that will maximize your training potential.

How Do I Pick an Excellent Punching Bag?

Watch out for these characteristics when looking for a new punching bag:

Punching Bag Type

As you’ve seen in our product listing, we categorized our punching bags according to the three types: hanging bags, freestanding bags, and doorway bags. Here are their pros and cons:

Hanging Bag

Hanging bags are the most typical punching bag type. You’ll often see gyms and homes with this kind of punching bag. The design is timeless since it fulfills all the usual expectations people look for in a punching bag. They give you the best strength and cardio training to help you develop power in your punches. Some hanging bags with additional features make them ideal for legwork too. Simply put, the hanging bag is the most dependable type of punching bag out there.

Due to its setup, you’ll need a sturdy place to hang it under or a stand to keep it up. If you can quickly fulfill these setup needs, then no problem. If it’s a challenge to find a proper location to hang it from, then maybe freestanding bags will suit you better.

​Freestanding Bag

Instead of using a chain to be hung from, freestanding bags use a weighted base filled with sand or water to keep it standing. To help give the bag a better user experience, they might come with a spring-loaded mechanism inside. It allows the bag to rock in place so that you can time your strikes as it comes back, and each punch or kick will have more satisfying feedback. 

If you’re more conscious about space, a freestanding bag might be a better option than a hanging bag due to its smaller footprint. That’s why freestanding bags a more popular choice for apartments.

However, if you hit a freestanding bag hard enough, there is some risk of knocking down the bag. That’s why freestanding bags have a larger capacity base for heavier weight to minimize the risk of toppling.

​Doorway Bag

The doorway bag isn’t your typical design, but for apartment owners looking for the most convenient punching bag, it’s a perfect choice. 

Doorway bags are set up within the door frame, so they barely take any space. Installing and storing them is very quick for a hassle-free experience. Of course, due to the bags’ size and setup, they won’t have as much functionality as hanging or freestanding bags. But what they lack in features they make up for affordability, convenience, and simplicity. 

Build Quality

As with any sports equipment, punching bags will take a lot of abuse. That’s why it’s crucial to get one with a durable and tear-resistant build. Real leather has excellent longevity, but they make the bag a lot more expensive. Brands have come up with their own patented builds often made from synthetic material; these are almost just as good as real leather and have robust features from their manufacturers.

Unfilled vs. Filled Bags

Punching bags can have unfilled and filled variants. For the most convenient experience, purchasing the filled one is the superior choice, especially if you have no knowledge and experience of filling a bag correctly. Filled bags are a tad bit more expensive, but the hassle-free setup more than makes up for it. If you want to learn how to fill a bag, study the process first before any attempts.


The size of your punching bag is limited to how much space you can allot for it. For apartment owners, you’ll mainly want a compact enough punching bag to fit in your already cramped space comfortably. 

Hanging bags are typically the largest bag type due to their bulkiness. Freestanding bags take up less space and are easier to move around if necessary. The doorway bag will take up the least amount of space with the most convenient installation process–sometimes, you might not even notice it’s there.

Noise Level

Apartments are close enough to one another for residents to hear any loud noises coming from their neighbors. If you’re doing intense training sessions, you’re bound to generate a lot of noise from hitting the punching bag.

Fortunately, there are punching bags with a quiet feature. The bag uses unique covers and padding to cushion your strikes and significantly reduce the noise you make. It’s a lot more convenient to have a quiet bag from the get-go than to soundproof your entire apartment.


Typically, the more expensive bags offer better features and quality, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great bags out there that come at affordable prices with excellent quality. We’ve already selected the best bags at attractive price points for you.

Investing in a good quality punching bag will be worth it in the long run. Cheap ones will deteriorate and tear quickly, or their build quality will make your training uncomfortable.


It’s wise to go with brands that have established a solid reputation for their punching bags. With lesser-known brands, you’re running the risk of getting a poor quality bag with poor customer service.

The best brands are also the ones you’ll find in our product listing, such as Everlast, Ringside, and Century. If the models in this article aren’t your type, feel free to search for other models in the market, but make sure that they come from reputable ones.

Benefits of an Apartment Punching Bag for your Training

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to forego your training. There are plenty of benefits to getting a punching bag for your apartment.

Cardio Exercise

With a punching bag, you don’t need to go outside anymore to get regular cardiovascular exercise. Keep your lungs in tip-top condition and your body in better shape, all within your apartment’s walls. If the gym is too far away from your place, get your cardio with a punching bag instead.

Strength Training

Punching bags force you to put more effort and strength into your punches and kicks. Increase your upper body muscular strength by practicing throwing more powerful strikes on a punching bag. With consistency and dedication, you’ll see yourself getting stronger and stronger.

Self-Defense Training

It doesn’t hurt to know self-defense skills. With a physical or online trainer, you can learn proper defense techniques and practice them using your punching bag.

Form and Technique

Raw power isn’t the only thing that’s important when it comes to combat. It would help if you had the proper technique to ensure that you’re moving your body and striking the best way possible. Practice your form using a punching bag at home.


What types of punching bags are there?

There are three types of punching bags you can get for your apartment: hanging bags, freestanding bags, and doorway bags. The bulkiest ones are the hanging bags, while the smallest is the doorway bags.

What’s the difference between large and compact punching bags?

Larger punching bags are massive so they can take more beating, but they also take up more space. A more compact punching bag is ideal for limited apartment space, although they may come at the expense of less stability or limited functionality. Thankfully, small hanging and freestanding bags are feature-packed and heavy enough to withstand powerful strikes.

What brands should I buy?

The best brands are Ringside, Everlast, and Century. Many professional athletes swear by the quality of these brands, and so do we. Even if you decide to get a budget-friendlier option from them, you’ll find little to no compromise on their overall product quality.


We’ve given you eight apartment punching bag options to cater to your spatial needs. These bags are compact enough to fit in an apartment comfortably, and they come with all kinds of features to enhance the user experience.

Determine how much you can fit in your apartment space, know what features you need or don’t need, and find a bag that fits within your budget.  If you need help in evaluation options that aren’t on our list, use the ranking guide to help you make an informed decision. An excellent quality punching bag is a worthwhile investment that will last and keep you active for a long time. 

With this guide, you have everything you need to choose the right bag. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean putting a stop to your training, and with our guide, you have everything you need to make the best purchase!

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