The Best Muay Thai Shorts Reviewed (Updated 2023)

Best Muay Thai Shorts in 2021

Image of Muay Thai fighter Eric Luna via Instagram @Lunateamaka
Image of Muay Thai fighter Eric Luna via Instagram @Lunateamaka
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These days, Muay Thai shorts are just as popular in the fashion world as they are in the midst of battle. However, we’re not here to discuss what’s happening in the fashion world. The importance of finding the right pair of Muay Thai shorts to train in is essential. And, there are a few features that an athlete should look for before ultimately making their purchase.

When buying your first pair of Muay Thai shorts, you may be confused about sizing. That’s why before purchasing a pair online, we recommend that you go to a sporting goods shop and try them on in person.

Most Muay Thai shorts are made in Thailand and are designed for the Thai fighters who reside in Thailand. You’ll notice that the average size for an American male is around the 3XL to 4XL range. Because the average male adult weight in Thailand is 58kg (about 127lbs) Americans and westerners should get accustomed to wearing a larger size Muay Thai short.

Lastly, if you have zero access to a shop that sells Muay Thai shorts, go a size up from what you believe to be yours. As off as the fit can be, shorts often have velcro waist straps and enclosure strings. It’s possible to make the shorts fit tighter from a larger size rather than buying them too small.

With that being said, Middle Easy presents another guide. This one will feature the best Muay Thai shorts to purchase to begin training in 2020 heading into 2021. From the material, length, durability, and fit, an aspiring fighter can’t go wrong with any of these selections. Once you find the right pair, Muay Thai training will be much easier.

Muay Thai Shorts

Twins Special

The Twins Speical brand has always produced high-quality Muay Thai shorts. As mentioned above, if these are the shorts that caught your eye, we recommend going up a size from what you believe you should purchase. Even with the correct size in mind, the Twins Special short has a fit that is more on the snug side.

With over 20 different color combinations to choose from athletes will be able to express their style. A few styles that stand out are the Red Bull edition as well as the orange sunburst colorway.

The shorts are primarily made of a cotton-twill material. While it’s not the best material for training heavy sessions, it’s more than serviceable. However, there isn’t much stretch or give when throwing high kicks.

They also don’t have a cut-away slit in the side as most traditional shorts have. However, the price of these shorts also makes them a solid buy for anyone who is testing the waters or practicing Muay Thai.


The Fluory Muay Thai shorts are suitable for multiple occasions. Whether training Muay Thai, running, or general fitness, the fit works well in all settings. The 100% polyester material is lightweight, tear-resistant and moisture-wicking.

Aggressive side slits stretch allowing you optimal movement and range of flexibility. The Fluory shorts also come in an array of colors and designs. The reinforced stitching of the embroidered patches guarantees that they won’t come off in the wash. Additionally, a velcro waist strap contributes to an optional fit.

The shorts also feature over 37 different color combinations and designs. Personally, they’re my favorite shorts on the entire list. My specific favorite pair are blue shorts with details of traditional Japanese water.



  • Over 30 designs
  • Tear-resistant
  • Durable


  • Thai sizing

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Fairtex is a brand that is synonymous with the sport Muay Thai. Of course, their classic shorts would be featured as a staple in the industry. At some point, virtually every person who trains in the discipline of Muay Thai will have owned a pair of Fairtex shorts.

100% Polyester Satin is what makes these shorts stand out. Not only are they extremely breathable and comfortable, but they are built to last. The wide elastic waistband is also unlike any other short. There are no sharp edges on the inside, which can be an infamous issue in the inner lining of other shorts.

With over 50 different colors and patterns, you’ll be sure to find a pair that you enjoy aesthetically. Either way, when choosing the Fairtex brand, a young fighter could never go wrong.

Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts


  • Trusted brand
  • 100% Polyester satin
  • 50 different colors


  • Thailand sizing
  • No side splits

Anthem Athletics Classic Muay Thai

The Anthem shorts are the closest to traditional American sizing. Chances are, your jean measurement will be the size to go with. Due to the sizing, this short can be used in a hybrid setting. Whether you’re training for Muay Thai or MMA, these shorts have you covered.

The slit in the side provides a full range of motion. Practicing any combination of kicks should be a breeze in these breathable and lightweight shorts. The internal drawstring and stretchy waistband make for a custom fit for each athlete. They’re also made out of a microfiber material that is safe in the washing machine.

Although they aren’t considered traditional Muay Thai shorts, they still work in that setting. The shorts comply with all boxing and Muay Thai competition requirements, so you could still wear in sanctioned competition. Although there aren’t many colors to choose from, they are a good option for all the hybrid trainers out there.

Anthem Athletics Classic Muay Thai


  • American sizing
  • Modern innovation
  • Hybrid shorts


  • Limited designs
  • Irregular leg length

Venum Bangkok Inferno

The Venom Bangkok Muay Thai shorts are the closest an athlete can get to traditional shorts from a commercial standpoint. These shorts are entirely handmade in Thailand. Even down to design, the embroidered detailing is all completely hand-sewn.

As expected, these shorts come equipped with a traditional wide elastic band for comfort and support. Additionally, they feature the trademark slits in the sides for a complete range of motion.

The downside to these shorts is if an athlete plans to wear them frequently. Because they’re completely hand made, they are not recommended to go in a washing machine or dryer. They would more than likely be completely ruined in one wash cycle.

Venum Bangkok Inferno


  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Traditional shorts
  • Premium quality


  • Limited designs
  • Must hand wash
  • Expensive

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

The Namazu brand understands the difficulty of finding the correct size in a pair of Muay Thai shorts. So, when purchasing these shorts, Namazu added a simple detail. Next to each sizing of the shorts, they’ve labeled the recommended waist size in inches respectively.

The design of the Namazu shorts is also second to none. These shorts have the look of a traditional Muay Thai shorts as well. With 13 different colors to choose from, a fighter should have no issue selecting a pair for them. Also, the designs of these shorts were cultivated with a unisex look in mind.

The 100% polyester satin fabric is carefully sewed by professional workers, making them premium and durable. They’re ultra high-grade, tear-resistant, smooth, soft, and comfortable to wear. Many celebrities can often be spotted wearing these shorts casually. However, they also are exceptional when it comes to performance in competition.

NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts


  • 100% polyester satin
  • Easy sizing
  • Premium quality


  • Can appear gaudy

Top King Boxing Muay Thai Shorts

The Top King Muay Thai shorts are some of the most comfortable on the market. The 100% polyester satin partnered with U-shaped side slits make them a complete pair of shorts. These are some of the most high-quality shorts on the list as far as premium materials go.

They also have the look and feel of traditional shorts that are hand-sewn in Thailand. The retro blue light colorway stands out as the most intriguing to me. However, there are 23 different designs to choose from with the white/gold combination being the best seller.

Keep in mind, these shorts run snug. So, make sure you pay attention to the sizing chart before making a purchase.

Revgear Deluxe Muay Thai Shorts

The Revgear deluxe Muay Thai shorts are the best budget option on the list. I’d only recommend these shorts for beginners who are on an extreme budget. Although they are extremely cheap, they do some have basic features that make them dependable for casual training purposes.

The shorts are 100% polyester. Although they don’t have slits on the side, they still stylishly offer comfort. The overall design of the shorts is exceptional as well. However, one of the issues with these shorts is how they retain moisture. Be sure to wear moisture-wicking undergarments to stay as sweat-free as possible.

Also, be careful when placing these shorts in your gym back. Keep them away from velcro, or else they will begin to fray due to the mediocre stitching.

Again, these shorts are great for a bargain price, oftentimes being on sale for as low as $11.00.  Just keep in mind that they aren’t designed for long term usage.

Revgear Deluxe Muay Thai Shorts


  • Inexpensive
  • 100% polyester


  • Freys easily
  • Not durable
  • Stitching comes loose

Selecting the Right Pair of Muay Thai Shorts

Now that we’ve seen an array of top quality shorts, it’s time to make a decision.

Ultimately at the end of the day, a few factors should be considered when selecting the correct Muay Thai shorts. Fit, material, and comfortability are ultimately the most important factors when selecting shorts. However, not everyone has the same body type or preference in what they consider comfortable.

Muay Thai shorts are very stylish and often bring a lot of flair and personality to a fighter. That’s why it’s also important to select a pair that accommodate your identity.

At the end of the day, get what you like. Just keep in mind that in the case of Muay Thai shorts, size truly does matter.

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