Tyron Woodley Trains with Floyd Mayweather Jr to Prepare for Jake Paul Fight

Tyron Woodley is training with Floyd Mayweather Jr in preparation for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul in a Showtime Boxing main event

Image of Woodley and Mayweather Jr via Twitter
Image of Woodley and Mayweather Jr via Twitter

Tyron Woodley is training with Floyd Mayweather Jr for his upcoming bout against Jake Paul. Not only is Floyd one of the greatest fighters ever, but he also has experience in the boxing ring, defeating one of the Paul brothers. 

Woodley recently left the UFC and is scheduled to face Jake Paul in a Showtime boxing event. Unlike his best friend Ben Askren, MMA fans are hoping that Tyron can properly represent MMA. To stop the hype train known as Jake Paul, Woodley is training with the best to get the best results. 

Woodley Trains with Floyd Mayweather Jr

On Twitter, Tyron posted training footage of him inside the boxing ring with Mayweather Jr, and afterward, fans were relieved that Tyron was taking the matchup seriously. Additionally, supporters of MMA felt relief knowing that Woodley was getting proper guidance. 

“Bank robbery in progress,” said Woodley. “Y’all f**ked up! It’s stuck now!”

Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Mayweather is fresh off of an eight-round exhibition boxing match against Youtuber Logan Paul. Reports indicate that Floyd made nearly $65 million for the fight, which happened about a few weeks ago. Hopefully, Woodley will be able to generate a massive payday in his own right. But for now, he has the perfect formula on how to beat a Paul brother. 

As expected, Floyd Mayweather virtually toyed around with Logan Paul for eight rounds. High tech 4k cameras caught Mayweather on video smiling for nearly the entire fight. He feinted, ducked, dodged, and threw counter punches when he felt like it. He tired out Paul, then walked him down to the ropes to prove to the world that he wasn’t concerned with Logan’s power.

Controversially, there was a moment in the fight where Mayweather allegedly knocked out Paul. But instead of letting him fall to the ground, they stood held together, clinching until the end of the round.

Do fans favor Tyron Woodley in his fight against Jake Paul?


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