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Who is this Mr. UFCTrailers that made the UFC 175: No Flops video?

Who is this Mr. UFCTrailers that made the UFC 175: No Flops video?

Conspiracy Theory Alert: MrUFCTrailers is one of those unnamed, badass MMA trailer-makers from 3-4 years ago that the UFC shut down, only to rehire to do their viral biddings. How else can they get away with the name MrUFCTrailers? And how are they allowed to use this footage? I want to know. Maybe SuperCalo can shed some light on this mystery man after working his rotisserie phone for a few hours down in the favela. I think something is fishy. Could it be Caposa? NickTheFace? Damn… Is it Layzie??? I just don’t know… But I think the UFC is behind this.

Let’s look at this one simple fact: Dana White tweeted out this video (from his fliphone) within an hour of it releasing on YouTube. That alone tells you that something doesn’t add up. 

Still, it’s a good trailer showing the hard-hitting action of the biggest sport in the world, UFC. There’s no flopping in the UFC, just three-point stances, confused judges, even more confused Athletic Commissions and dudes who know a weak takedown late in a match can bring you to glory 90% of the time. 

Also, the UFC has Jamie Varner, who would’ve have been a fantastic soccer player.

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