Who flipped better at UFC 192? Sage Northcutt or Alexander Gustafsson?

It was a special event at UFC 192. We saw the cementing of Daniel Cormier of one of the greats all-time in MMA (don’t even argue otherwise) and we saw the birth of a new MMA star in Sage Northcutt, who with his young, washboard abs and “I don’t give a care” hairstyle, will soon be one for the website covers and beer commercials. If he and Paige Vanzant had a baby, it would probably be very attractive.

There were also a few flips last night. Some, potentially better than others? Sage impressed with a forward flip, where Gustafsson impressed by taking a high-crotch 7 feet into the air before he came crashing down on his back. So we must ask: who flipped better?

Sage? .gif courtesy of Blonders1 on Reddit:


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Or Alex?Courtesy of Jagharreddit:

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