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When Efrain Escudero gets bored, he tasers his friends

Is there anything better to do on Tuesday morning than watch someone get tasered? Publishers Clearinghouse knocking on your door with a $10,000,000 check would be a better, but that hasn’t happened yet. Let’s just be happy with the taser blessings we have received.Thanks to Efrain Escudero, being bored while ‘making chicken and lettuce’ we get to watch his friend get shocked by a cell phone taser.

I was tasered once at a party by a guy trying to hit on me. He thought it was funny. I thought it was funnier when I kicked him in the babymaker with my pointy-toe heel. Afterward, I couldn’t feel my arm for five hours and he probably had a hard time urinating for a few days. Guys take note, tasering a chick is not a good way to get her attention. It might be a good way to cure boredom though, Efrain and his friends seem to be pretty entertained by it.

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