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What happens when you put Rob Dyrdek and Rampage Jackson in the same room? Ridiculousness

What happens when you put Rob Dyrdek and Rampage Jackson in the same room? Ridiculousness

Prior to my self induced cable TV strike, also known as being temporarily disconnected due to non payment of $472 in pay per view charges (just kidding…kind of), my son and I would spend rainy evenings laughing at back to back episodes of MTV’s show ‘Ridiculousness.’ If you haven’t watched the show yet, its kind of like an updated version of that show ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ is based on Youtube videos and hosted by Rob Dyrdek. Instead of AFHV’s overabundance of stupid ‘talking’ animal clips and old people falling on the dance floor, this show is just a boatload of jackassery-filled with tons of painful nut shots, and stupidity induced injuries. It is great.

Each episode is divided into two or three categories of ridiculous behaviors caught on video and uploaded to Youtube. Some of my favorites from the first season were the ‘Run it off’ and ‘Guys getting schlagered.’ This new season look to be entertaining as well and thankfully I don’t even need to pay that $472 cable bill to watch any of the episodes. Last night I discovered my new neighbors have opted for the unsecured option on their wifi connection so I can stream all my rainy day hilarity from Love those new neighbors-I really need to bake them some special brownies as a gesture of gratitude.

I really like free wifi. I also really like tall Dutch Surinamese men, pulled pork sandwiches and this latest episode of Ridiculousness featuring Rampage Jackson. Check it out:

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