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WelCome to First editioN of Supercalo’s Rumour MillS – Hose Also edition

WelCome to First editioN of Supercalo’s Rumour MillS – Hose Also edition
*Editor’s Note* Do you know superCalo? You should. He went from humble dishwasher in the favelas to one of the most well-connected journalists in all of MMA. Digging up these rumours are no easy task, but we believe we made the right choice in ‘Calo. Check out what he dug up in the aftermath of the Jose Aldo injury below.
Mendes vs McKenzie II set for uFc 176
Hose Also out against Mendes at uFc 176
Hose Aldo Mendes II was the most anticipated matchup between these two since their last fight
Unfortunately Aldo had to take a part time lawn mowing job that was too good to refuse, enough to feed his family for a whole week.
This led to Aldo pulling out of the matchup but led to perhaps a even more anticipated fight. Mendes vs Cody MacKenzie II
The first fight ended in controversy when Mendes won through a little know move, the gut kick quitter.
However now Cody is remotivated after time spent in the ocean engaging in his third love, fishing. A Cody with un-pocketed & un price tagged shorts can take Mendes into deep water, especially if he takes him fishing.
The pocket was a psychological move of MacKenszie’s that failed, it was to make his opponent his “bitch”

This time round Cody has been hard at work baiting his hooks, hooks he will sink into Mendes to obtain his patented Codster-guillotine, its also good practise for grabbing the cage which is one of Mendes weak spots 

Neither Aldo, Mendes, Mckenzie or anyone from the uFc  were unavailable for comment, which basically means they don’t want to confirm this truth as fact.
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Jose Aldo is injured, and now we'll never know if he was going to grab the fence vs. Mendes again in LA
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