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Watching Embedded: Episode 3 seems like the right thing to do

Watching Embedded: Episode 3 seems like the right thing to do

I can only imagine how stressful it is for the Embedded crew to capture all of this footage then hustle to edit it in time for a quick-as-hell turnaround so we the people (it’s 4th of July after all) can enjoy these behind-the-scenes looks in a timely manner. I obviously don’t know how far their resources reach, but I have a feeling they are usually stressed and working hard on fight week. I respect these men and women. You should too.

If you’re waiting for your significant other to get dressed before you head out to a BBQ or the coals are heating up on this 4th of July, take a few minutes to watch Embedded: Episode 3. You know why? Because you’re free, and that’s what this is all about. America.

If this is just another Friday to our lovely readers around the world, the meaning is still there – celebrate your freedom by watching Embedded: Episode 3. If you’re currently reading this and you’re a slave or are being oppressed, watch it only if you have time, then get back to fighting your guerilla war, working towards freedom. If you can, leave a comment and we shall support you on MiddleEasy with a type of solidarity you haven’t seen for 200+ years. 

You can’t see it, but the entire MiddleEasy office just put our fists in the air for you.

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This is Uriah Hall performing the Badass Ball Dodging Drill of Power™
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