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Watch this video to see how Edson Barboza trains those nuclear devices he calls legs

Watch this video to see how Edson Barboza trains those nuclear devices he calls legs

In the future, campfire stories will be told about the night when Edson Barboza knocked out Terry Etim via spinning wheel kick at UFC 142. It was like something extracted from a 90s Jean Claude Van Damme movie, except with all the subtle homoerotic undertones. Who knows, perhaps my gay upstairs neighbors perceived Barboza’s foot smashing into Etim’s face as highly arousing. I’ll ask them the next time they drag me to a drag queen show in West Hollywood (please, don’t act like you’ve never been to one).

What people fail to realize is that modern science still has not discovered the alternative fuel source that powers those improvised explosive devices Edson Barboza calls legs. Perhaps it’s a form of perpetual energy that powers Edson’s limbs, although Shane Carwin has told us in the past that perpetual energy is a blatant myth. We’re more inclined to believe that Edson Barboza has harnessed the power of the sun and has entirely localized it in a capacitor lodged in his knee. Yeah, that’s it. Out of all the possibilities, that one seems the most logical. I mean, there’s no way that a guy named Joe Mullings has trained Edson Barboza to make people’s brain explode inside their skull with one swift kick. Well, maybe you should watch this video and find out. Props to slugshot331 for the find. [Source]

Oh, and here you go.

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