Watch: This messed up Conor McGregor-Donald Cerrone fist bump pinpoints the birth of their beef

He drinks white wine. He drinks Budweiser. He wears sunglasses in-doors. He wears a cowboy hat 98% of the time. Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone will never be best friends forever but maybe one day they can be matching promotional partners. For these Mega Powers to explode into a UFC level super-fight all McGregor has to do is beat Jose Aldo and all Cerrone has to do is beat Rafael dos Anjos.

Easy as landing a fist bump between two coordinated individuals.

Once acquaintances, McGregor and Cerrone have turned into shit talking foes. Look at that missed fist bump. A clear sign of disrespect or honest mistake? The seeds are planted and one day it will sprout into a beef tree that will give the MMA world oxygen in the form of a McGregor-Cerrone fight.

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