Watch ‘The Voice’ decide he does not want to experience a Badr Hari lowkick

There’s a small percentage of fight fans who go around wanting peole like Pat Barry, or Shogun or Badr Hari to kick them. I’m not sure what is mentally wrong with these people but they are either just not all that intelligent, have a sadistic fetish with pain and agony or they are just plain batpoop crazy. I am fully aware of the bone shattering and crippling capacity of receiving one of these kicks just by watching one and I’m positive I don’t need a trip to the hospital for any further proof.

I would rather experience Badr Hari’s physical awesomeness in a more pleasureable way like playing Twister or maybe partner pilates. Michael ‘The Voice’ Schiavello took one look in Badr Hari’s eyes the other day and he agrees. The Voice and Badr Hari were hanging out recently and Schiavello was smart enough to decide he didn’t even want to take a kick from this massive human being with padded protection. Thanks to my buddy Kevein Anderson for the find. Check it out:

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