Watch the UFC remix of the ‘Amber Lamps’ bus fight

Ever since that ‘Dancing Baby’ animation in 1999, internet memes have always seemed to break into your house, urinate on your sheets, eat all your hot pockets and then abruptly leave like some inner thigh rash. Who even remembers ‘All your base are belong to us’ or that other one with the cats. What’s it called? Damn. My point exactly. By the end of 2010, VH1 will give this ‘Amber Lamps’ bus transit video one last hooray on their ‘Best of 2010‘ show before it gets buried in the internet meme graveyard right next to ‘Rickrolled’ and ‘2 girls and a cup’. Since this one still has a little life left, check out the UFC remix of the Amber Lamps bus transit video.


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