Watch the Gracies enthusiastically breakdown Fabricio Werdum’s triangle

It’s been 2 days since a Fabricio Werdum submitted Fedor. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write but since I’ve yet to comment on Werdum’s systematic destruction of the Last Emperor, I’m just going to say I think his performance was stellar. He kept his cool under pressure and finished a submission that you’d expect a BJJ World Champion to finish, even if his opponent was considered by most to be unbeatable. He also burned a hole into my BetUS account that kindly reminds me why I should never gamble again. Fabricio proved Fedor isn’t invincible and he’ll be teaching the choke that ended Fedor’s thirty-one fight win streak for anyone with a $10 bill and a gi at his gym in California. The Gracies also want to teach you that choke, every variation of it, and they’re also undercutting Werdum’s rates by showing you for free. Check out this clip courtesy of that shows you everything you ever wanted to know about triangle chokes, even if you’re on the street.

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