Watch the Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva confrontation you never saw at the UFC Fan Expo

UFC 117, otherwise known as Brazil vs. USA (or the World Cup finals match-up that will never happen), is twenty-five days away from your DirecTV billing statement and the smack-talk between these two should be transcribed and placed somewhere in the Smithsonian. In the future, you can take your kids to the museum exhibit and point out the time when Chael Sonnen told Anderson Silva’s manager that he can ‘pray to whatever demon effigy he prances and dances in front of with his piglet tribe of savages‘. That’s ruthless. You can also show your kid the video of when Chael Sonnen confronted Anderson Silva at the UFC Fan Expo in 2010. Also, don’t forget to tell your child the story of how you first saw it on, he’ll appreciate it. Props to Efrain for the find.

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