Watch Jon Fitch do a Keg Stand in Thailand

If you’ve ever visited Columbus, Ohio it was either to Go to the Arnold’s or do a keg stand at The Ohio State University. There’s really no other reason to go to a city completely surrounded by miles and miles of corn fields. I learned plenty about correct Keg Stand technique from some crazy days at OSU. There’s three important things to remember when Keg Standing: Breathing, Body Placement and Planting the Dismount. Never try to breath through your mouth, keep your arms and neck straight and eyes open and plant your dismount like a gymnast. If you don’t plant your dismount-you’re going to puke. Promise. I’ve seen some wicked Keg stands in my life, but none quite as fly as this one. Watch Jon Fitch nail a Thai-Style Keg Stand with a perfect dismount and even add a classy belch at the end for effect.

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