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Watch Johny Hendricks nerd out and spend $100 in a comic book shop

Watch Johny Hendricks nerd out and spend $100 in a comic book shop

If Fight Network gave me $100 Canadian dollars to spend in a comic book shop, I would first inquisitively look at the bill and wonder why there’s a bottle of medicine on the back. Perhaps Canada is trying to tell us something, perhaps just flaunting their free healthcare and quietly laughing at our debacle of a health system that was unsuccessfully launched by our president. The most ironic thing about the failed website that Americans go to sign up for ‘Obamacare’ is that it was created by a Canadian.

Keep in mind that in this scenario, I still would actually have the $100 bill in my hand and all of that would be said out loud, inside the comic book shop. If I wasn’t thrown out for being a complete nutcase, I would immediately navigate to the Image Comics section and grab as many The Maxx issues as I possibly could. After reading them, I would get Sam Kieth’s approval and write a spec script that would be denied by every studio in Hollywood. The remainder of the year I’ll sit in my room without the lights on and wallow in my own depression.

For Hendricks, he decided to make some pretty distinct geek power moves. Check it out.

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