Watch Dana White sell a show that’s already sold out on ‘Jim Rome is Burning’

I’ve already ordered UFC 129 and contemplated on flying to Toronto just to see it live. Dana White already has my money, there’s no need for him to knock on my door and try to extract $59.95 from my pocket. Although if he did appear on my door step, I would grab his hand, lead him to my sofa, lock my door and give him the most uncomfortable interview of his life.

For those that fail to habitually watch ESPN, ‘Jim Rome is Burning’ is a show in which a former MMA hater, but now turned UFC fanboy, Jim Rome, vehemently hates on Fedor Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem, but still claims he’s an expert at mixed martial arts. Basically, I’ve summed up the entire show in one tightly knit sentence so there’s really no need to watch this clip below, other than witnessing Dana White precisely tell you how UFC 129 is going to make your brain ignite directly out of your skull. [Source]

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