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Want a free pack of the slick new UFC cards by Topps? Here’s what you need to do

Want a free pack of the slick new UFC cards by Topps? Here’s what you need to do

Trading cards, what an invention. I still have my series one and two Magic The Gathering set from twenty some odd years ago, and I think I still have a decent amount of Garbage Pail Kids buried in my closet somewhere too. There is something about trading cards that sing to the senses of certain personalities, and we want to enable you to the fullest if you are one of those people.

Topps was cool enough to give us an entire box of the newest UFC trading cards, Moment of Truth, and we want to give some to you guys. There’s a catch, however. We want all the trading card aficionados on the site to come out and say ‘Hey! I want some of those cards and I will lose my mind if I don’t get a pack!‘ on Twitter. So follow us:




If you sound crazy enough about these cards I will personally get in my car and drive to the increasingly unreliable United States Postal Service to mail you a pack. Then we want you to bust out your camera phone and open your pack on camera, tell us what you think and then send us the video. Is that too complicated? I hope not. Here is a very nerdy and awesome example of what we are looking for, but we give you full creative control, card grappler.

The cards could be in your hands right now, I’m fully dressed and ready to mail them to you as soon as I can find my car keys. That will also be a moment of truth.

*As much as I want to ship out of the United States/Canada I don’t think it’s happening. We love you international readers unconditionally and forever though.

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