Wallid Ismail signed a deal with ESPN Deportes to televise Jungle Fights

Back in March, we told you the epic adventure of how Wallid Ismail saved Brazil from a monsoon apocalypse. In short, Wallid Ismail was told there would be a chance of rain in Vila Velha, Brazil on the same night he was promoting a nationally televised outdoor MMA event late last month. Rain is the primary reason that fight promoters tend to book indoor events, but none of that matters to Wallid. Rather than canceling “Jungle Fights 17” and leaving fighters without paychecks & fans without MMA, Wallid decided to let the show go on. A friggin monsoon hit the venue, but it couldn’t slow down what turned out to be an epic night of fights. Nearly 2,000 people were admitted free, and they didn’t leave until the final punch was thrown.

After all the positive publicity from one of the most epic fan experiences in MMA history, Ismail said he would promote one Jungle Fight event per month this year, and now, ESPN Deportes has agreed to televise it. Check out the first official promo video for Jungle Fights, and once you’re done, please finish building your shrine to Wallid Ismail. [Source]

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