Vinny Magalhaes just called out a large majority of MMA fans

Vinny Magalhaes just called out a large majority of MMA fans

If Vinny Magalhaes was a vegetarian, I would refer to his beef with MMA fans as ‘Soy-based artificial meat.’ However, I’m sure that Vinny Magalhaes eats meat. In fact, I’ve been at the dinner table with Magalhaes and have observed him eating dead animals roasted to perfection. Try referring to a hamburger as ‘dead cow meat’ and I guarantee you will think twice before you pick up that burger. I’m not saying you won’t eat it. You’ll just think twice about it, as in ‘Dude, I’m eating an entire dead cow. Awesome.’

The beef Magalhaes has with a large majority of MMA fans is intense. So intense that he decided to go on his Facebook page and make a statement regarding trolls and ‘keyboard warriors’ that constantly hassle fighters on Facebook, MMA message boards, and Twitter.

Very few things irritate me more than fans trying to be “wanna be tough guys”, “internet warriors”, or whatever variations we have to describe these type of people… Fans are definitely entitled to give their opinion about this or that fighter, they’re definitely entitled to ‘think’ that this guy is better than that other guy but going to the fighter’s twitter and talk shit to him, which is something that they would never do to the fighter’s face, it’s something really embarrassing… I see people talking shit to Vitor when he calls out Chael, and vice versa, people talk shit to me, when I call out Phil Davis, and talk shit to Phil for ducking me (which is in fact true), but I don’t think they realize that we ARE the fighters that WILL STEP IN THE OCTAGON to fight each other and back up all our talk, while these ‘so called’ fans will NOT do anything but drink their beers and eat their cheetos while WATCHING it.

Once again, giving your opinion is valid, so you can talk to your friends about it, you have all the rights to go post on forums about it, or even become one of these shitty bloggers out there and write about it (there are a bunch of them), but saying shit to a fighter directly through a social media outlet, just makes you look like a HUGE VAG###

In short, Magalhaes wants most of you out there to remove the douchebag tendencies from your social networking practice. Good luck with that, Vinny.

Published on January 21, 2013 at 6:48 pm
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