Video: RIP. Joe Rogan remembers his friend Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain RIP

On Friday Jun. 8, 2018 Anthony Bourdain took his own life. On the list of his life’s accomplishments jiu-jitsu player and fan of martial arts were far down on the list for Bourdain but they were there.

MMA and combat sports lost one of their best advocates last week and it sucked on many levels. Unexpected deaths are always a gut punch, but fuck this one hurt. Anthony Bourdain was living the life. World class chef, TV show host, famous globetrotter, author, respected voice in whatever topic he spoke on and now he’s gone.

Anthony was passionate about martial arts and from all accounts was chill as anyone and liked by everyone. Bourdain was a fan of what we loved, so we were always a fan of him.

Since 2014, MiddleEasy has covered Bourdain’s martial arts journey in some capacity. In 2016, Bourdain took first in a BJJ tourney and it was awesome.

Yesterday (Jun. 12), Joe Rogan remembered Anthony and talked through the emotions of the weekend. We were right there with all of us. Rest in peace AB.

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