Video: Norman Parke vs. Mateusz Gamrot Rematch Ends With a No Contest and a Sucker Punch

KSW earned their MMA promotion stripes this weekend.

Any great promotion needs to have their first “these things happen in MMA” moment. And in the post-fight between Norman Parke and Mateusz Gamrot they got just that.


The fight itself was enough of a shit show, that this outrageous behavior from the Gamrot corner just seems to have put it over the top.

What the fuck is Gamrot’s random cornerman thinking? And why is he 16 years old? Who let a 16 year old corner an MMA fight?

Even with a completely open sucker punch, this shit heel barely fazes Norman Parke. That’s got to hurt your self-confidence. Props to “Stormin” Norman Parke for taking that like a champ, and not assaulting a teenage. That’s real veteran savvy.

The fight was called a no contest in the second round of the fight after Gamrot landed his second eye poke of the fight. He even sprinkled in a groin shot for good measure. If you’re going to cheat, go big.


The most curious part is that in most other MMA fights, Gamrot would have been allowed to cruise to a victory. It’s kind of unbelievable that Norman Parke didn’t win a disqualification victory.

This sport can be such a hilarious shit show.

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