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Video: Max Holloway appears to be slurring his words & we’re concerned

Video: Max Holloway appears to be slurring his words & we’re concerned

This post is going to piss so many people off. Call us crazy but a few days out from UFC 231 and we’re still worried about Max Holloway.

We could bury our head in the sand just assume everything is alright but we can’t. Something has just felt off about our favorite Hawaiian fighter lately. We couldn’t put our finger on it until we saw this new interview.

Five months ago, Holloway was removed from UFC 226 just three days prior to the event. When Max got the hook for health concerns it was covered in mystery. One of the biggest stars the UFC has and there were rumors he’d never fight again due to concussions and overall brain well-being.

Retired from MMA at age 26? How bad was Holloway’s injuries?

In American football college and NFL players have been forced into early retirement from concussions on a yearly basis. Sometimes all it takes is two or three blasts to the brain and players are just never the same again.

Its 2018 and this our new reality. People’s knowledge of concussions and traumatic brain injuries are not a genie that can be put back in the bottle.

Max Holloway was never the best on the mic but this interview from earlier in the week has us concerned. Blessed just does not sound like himself. Maybe we’re overthinking it. Maybe we’re being over cautious with a fighter we root for and love to see compete.

Watching a now 27-year-old Max struggle with his words, boarding on slurring, does not give us a any good feelings.

Did Max come back too soon? Unlike a bone break or muscle tears, brains injuries don’t just heal themselves; when you get a check mark next to it, the injury sticks with you.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Good luck at UFC 231 this weekend Max, MiddleEasy is thinking about you.

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