Video: Lyoto Machida Discovers Time Travel, Takes Us Back to UFC 126, and Knocks Out Vitor Belfort with a Front Kick

Welcome to the Machida Era!!!

It seems like MMA slipped into a wormhole for a second there during the early portion of UFC 224. Brazilian Legend and fan favorite Vitor Belfort being front kicked into unconsciousness, in Rio, a little over seven years from the day Anderson Silva did it to him… Maybe time is a flat circle.

Check out “The Dragon” giving us a throwback highlight.

Man, if I catch anyone chatting shit about Lyoto Machida’s diminishing athleticism, or his inability to compete with the Top 15, I’m excommunicating them from MMA fandom. Don’t crush our joy.

Aging veterans aren’t supposed to fight as well as they did in the prime of their youth. They are supposed to fight other aging-out fighters to see who reigns supreme at the UFC Retirement Center (which is under construction, right next door to the UFC Performance Institute). If old fighters who probably “shouldn’t be fighting” (whatever that means) really want to fight, just have them fight other older fighters. It isn’t that complicated.

That’s how we get incredible moments like this, without the shame.

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