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Video: Fabricio Werdum speaks, calls Coach Edmond a ghost and won’t apologize to him

Former UFC heavyweight champion and Fedor slayer Fabricio Werdum cannot escape Coach Edmond. You can’t out run a ghost and it just so happens that in a new interview Werdum calls Coach Edmond a ghost. Before Werdum went Pac-Man on Travis Browne’s head coach at UFC 203, let the king of the troll face tell the tale of what led him to kicking Coach Edmond.

So to recap Werdum says Coach Edmond went haywire, called him a ghost occupying our realm, and is apologizing to his fans for his post-fight actions after taking a decision over Browne at UFC 203. Werdum also will never apologize to Coach Edmond and is probably texting him an assortment of troll face emojis at this very moment.

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