UFC dominates 2009 videogame sales

Even though Fabricio Werdum refuses to use any other move against me besides a magical armbar that is impossible to escape (I’ve been trying for 2 months), UFC Undisputed is still the only game that has occupied my Xbox 360 since it came out nearly 3 months ago. It’s my go to game whenever I feel the need to pretend like Arlvoski and Tito Ortiz are still signed with the UFC. Until EA Sports ‘MMA’ drops in 2010, UFC Undisputed is the only way I will be able to rear naked choke anyone. UFC Undisputed is so rawesome that it has been completing dominating videogame sales on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Sales have been so dominate that it is only second to Resident Evil on Xbox 360 and ranks fourth in sales on Playstation 3. That’s right, UFC Undisputed has beaten Street Fighter IV and Halo Wars to claim a top spot in sales. Enroll me in the ‘How to dominate everything in MMA’ class taught by Dana White. [Source]


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