Ubereem says he’s the only person in MMA that can defeat Fedor

I’ve just spent over an hour watching the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani which, in itself, seems impossible based on the title. The show featured a confident Ubereem holding a birthday balloon while he rocked one of these. You can check the show out here and hear the Strikeforce heavyweight champ talk about how he’s a fan of Lesnar, felt remorse for dominating Brett Rogers and his claims that Fedor’s management has been ducking him for years. Ubereem caught up with Sherdog and basically reiterated something that many of you already believe.

“I surround myself with people who have the same attitude, intelligent people which you can learn from and develop yourself. In the gym my sparring partners don’t really like me. There’s nobody else out there with the speed, technical ability and the sharpness [to beat Fedor]. I know how to turn myself into a very dangerous weapon.”

Ubereem also claims that M-1 Global is spreading steroid rumors about him to the media which is probably the worst thing to be accused of if you ever meet Ubereem in a dark alley. [Source]

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