Ubereem plays the K-1 card against Brett Rogers

Whenever people bring K-1 level striking into an MMA conversation, people talk about it like it’s some giant that lives on top of a hill in Ireland that occasionally comes down to pillage towns and snack on villagers. The UFC has Bruce Buffer, K-1 has Michael Buffer. I know our buds at HeadKickLegends are probably salivating over this story so we might as well get it out now before the debate about K-1 striking vs. MMA striking escalates to the level of ‘Dude, tell me where you live. I’ll [expletive] pay to kick your [expletive]’. In an interview with Lowkick.com, Ubereem has finally pulled out the ‘K-1 level striking’ card against The Grim.

“I think that he is a strong and big fighter, but no more then that. My game plan is to knock him out!”

“Sometimes it is ok to hype up a fight and to bring more attention, but I guess that somebody calling me a coward like Brett did is just funny. He makes himself stupid or maybe does not know fighters like Bonjasky, Aerts and Badr Hari. If Brett is such a good striker and fearless why he is not fighting in K-1?”

Oh, yes he did. Rogers vs. Ubereem has consisted of a plethora of smack talking ever since late 2008. The fight has a scheduled date, even has a pretty slick poster but please Alistair, stay the hell away from bathrooms in Dutch nightlubs. Please. [Source]

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