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TRT has been BANNED in Las Vegas

TRT has been BANNED in Las Vegas

This is ridiculous. How could you take away their MEDICINE? Don’t you understand that these men have low testosterone? A DOCTOR is providing them with a NOTE saying that they NEED their testosterone. This is unfair. What’s next, suspending people for trace amounts of marijuana metabolites? 

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has stated, effective immediately, that TRT exemptions are gone. Kaput. Stricken from any and all records. Those with previous exemptions can’t even be grandfathered in. What does that mean for Vitor Belfort’s weekend? 

I don’t know. 

Can he still cycle his testosterone therapy in Flori-duh and then fight in Vegas? I just don’t know and that information is not out there.

Let’s fill the comment section with conjecture.

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