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Trash Talk: Khabib Nurmagomedov says Nate Diaz was raped in December. Wait what?

Trash Talk: Khabib Nurmagomedov says Nate Diaz was raped in December. Wait what?

The king of UFC lightweight twitter may have just lost his crown. Don’t tweet after 11:00 PM on a weeknight Khabib Nurmagomedov. Unbeaten and a social media wiz, Nurmagomedov made a name for himself not through his dominate Sambo skills but his soul crushing trash talk via social media. Reports are Nurmagomedov once made Anthony Pettis cry into his iPhone through the power of hurtful Russian words.

Then after months, maybe a lifetime, of hounding Pettis about injuries, losing, breakfast cereals it was Nurmagomedov who had to pull out of the biggest fight of his career with an injury. Oops. The MMA Gods show no mercy for your witty Instagram posts.

Not one to just sit back and not use a bunch of hashtags, UFC lightweight Nate Diaz had something to say (tweet?) about Pettis also pulling out of his next fight with an injury. Both Pettis and Nurmagomedov are sitting on the sidelines injured, and Nate Diaz had to express his joy through twitter hashtags.

Then Nurmagomedov responded to Diaz but quickly deleted his reply minutes later.

Line crossed. Read this tweet from Nurmagomedov and just awkwardly back away from your cell phone. Yup, time to go outside and erase that tweet from our minds. 

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