Tony Ferguson Reflects On UFC 274 Knockout: ‘Scary Feeling Not Remembering Anything’

Ferguson reflected on his brutal knockout defeat to Michael Chandler this past weekend at UFC 274.

Tony Ferguson Statement
Tony Ferguson Statement - Photo via Instagram @tonyfergusonxt

Tony Ferguson took time to reflect on his knockout defeat to Michael Chandler.

Ferguson suffered the first knockout defeat of his career after being put out cold by a front kick to the face from Michael Chandler in the second round of their lightweight bout this past weekend at UFC 274.

It was a scary sight for many in the combat sports world, not only because of the devastating nature of the knockout, but because it was the first time anyone had seen Ferguson unconscious from a knockout.

To make matters worse was the fact that Ferguson — who is now riding a four-fight losing streak — actually performed above expectations in the first round where he even dropped Chandler.

Tony Ferguson: I Didn’t Mean To Scare You All

Since that setback, Ferguson has been active on social media, even joking about the knockout defeat and how he went to sleep.

However, in a recent Instagram post, Ferguson reflected on his knockout defeat in depth. He notably apologized for scaring all his fans, and stated he would continue to practice and work hard to come back stronger.

“New✝️Energy” Thanks🤼‍♂️Coach for takin’ the time to keep me Active 👊😎 Crew🍃 I Took a big kick to the dome this past Saturday inside that Octagon… It put me out for a long💡time 💤 It was a scary feeling not remembering anything from beginning of second round all the way until I walked up to the ambulance 🚑 I thank God EVERYDAY I made the trip back to reality 🙏

“All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to scare you all, should have done things different like keep my “Hands Up & Chin Down” 🤦‍♂️ My fault I lost, props to Chandler for the highlight real finish 💯 I have many things to work on, not just competing 📈 One Battle At A Time 📿 I’m not perfect by any means, but I’ll continue to strive for it in-N-out of the practice room ( Perfection: an unobtainable✝️goal) Someone wise once told me “Perfect practice makes perfect”

“🥇There’s always more to learn & being coachable is big 👨‍🎓 I’m Beyond🙏greatful my movements are ok, my bones are intact & except for a slight headache in the mornings I’m glad to be back & doing what I ❤️‍🩹 Love ( light👣duty) I want to be better than yesterday for sure,.. not for anyone else but for me 🎶 Making good adjustments daily, and will continue to do so- Champ 🔐 -XTA2- Hometeam 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽 # Thanks For Being Great, You’re The Best Crew🍃 A Type Of Guy Like Me Could Ask For 📈 *respect* Gonna watch my fight now for the first time 📚 B# 🎶 Chi❤️‍🩹Cleared and ready to learn again 👨‍⚕️”

Saturday night was a sad sight for many, but it’s good to see Ferguson in high spirits as he plans his eventual comeback.

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