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Tom Lawlor discusses Egg McMuffins and his pre-fight entrances

Tom Lawlor discusses Egg McMuffins and his pre-fight entrances

Last night, Manny Pacquiao proved that Steven Seagal and all his straight to DVD trickery cannot save you against a well placed overhand right.  Fedor actually proved the same thing throughout most of his career without the use of gimmicks.  Luckily, gimmicks are still welcome in the world of combat sports, and we’ll never get tired of people doing impersonations or playing dress-up prior to their fights.  In fact, Tom Lawlor has developed a huge fan base because of it.  We recognize there’s more to the Florida-based fighter than flashy costumes and enthusiastic entrances.  That’s why we’re huge fans of everything he does, including how he eats an Egg McMuffin and takes calculated tumbles on weigh-in stages.  Here’s a video of all things Tom Lawlor that reinforces why you should build a time machine, revisit the past, and admire all the veterans that paved the way for modern MMA.

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