Today in the world of odd Japanese PS Vita commercials…

It’s no secret that I love Japan. Even before I got into MMA, I was always a huge gamer and growing up just as the arcade scene peaked, the idea of going to Japan was always something that lured me. Then I got big into MMA, specifically Pride. At that point it was all over, it turned into full blown fanboy mode. Japan is cool, I want to be cool and to be cool I need to go to Japan.

At this point though, I really don’t. Not because I wouldn’t have a totally rad time there, I would. It’s just that I built it up so much that it can’t possibly live up to my expectations.

I mean just look at this commercial, Japan can’t possibly be like this. I mean… I don’t want to go there to see young boys. It’s just the commercial is weird that’s all. I know it’s weird but I don’t want to go to Japan because of it. Listen, I’m not even going there so shut up. No I’m not gay or a pedophile. I should learn to stop while I’m ahead. I’m sorry.

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